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Did You Know? Interesting Facts Related to DORM

Did You Know?

Alabama Division of Risk Management (DORM) Facts

DORM administers the State Insurance Fund, the State Employee Injury Compensation Trust Fund, General Liability Trust Fund, Educators Liability Trust Fund, and the State Employee Assistance Program. DORM also manages insurance coverage of various departments of state government that require commercially provided insurance and provides risk management guidance on risk issues affecting the State of Alabama.


The major functions of DORM are:


·         Establishing adequate and secure coverage for exposure to loss at minimum cost

·         Assuring that claims are promptly and fairly paid

·         Promoting safe practices to protect life and property


The State Insurance Fund (SIF):

·         DORM provides coverage for state properties valued at more than $54 billion – one of the largest values in the country.

·         DORM’s loss control staff completes an average of about 6000 inspections annually.

·         DORM processes an average of 1300 claims per year for state property loss.

·         Under the SIF, the highest number of claims resulted from wind, lightning and burglary in 2013.

·         In 2013, the three most-costly causes of loss were wind, fire, and lightning damage.


The State Employee Injury Compensation Trust Fund (SEICTF):

·         SEICTF provides coverage for an estimated 35,000 employees if they are injured while performing their job duties.

·         SEICTF processes an average of 3000 claims per year.

The General Liability Trust Fund (GLTF):

·         Over 41,000 individuals affiliated with state service are protected by the GLTF.

·         The average number of GLTF claims is 335 per year.

Automotive Liability Coverage:

·         DORM provides insurance coverage for more than 8000 state-owned vehicles.

·         The average number of automobile claims involving state employees is 160 annually.

The Educators Liability Trust Fund (ELTF):

·         Coverage is provided for all K-12 public school board employees in Alabama (estimated 97,000 employees).

·         The program began on July 1, 2013, and 18 incidents or claims have been reported to DORM.

State Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

·         The EAP provides service to over 100 state agencies and departments including more than 32,000 employees and their family members.

·         Alabama’s EAP provided 14 training sessions in 2013 covering a variety of topics for our employees

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