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2014 State Employee Assistance Program Provides Seminars

The State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides seminars on various topics that benefit all employees of participating state agencies.  The training is designed to improve employee performance and management of their job responsibilities and life-related issues.


Seminars are presented in one-hour sessions throughout the state at various locations and are open to all employees of agencies participating in our State EAP services.


“Personal Skills for Professional Success” - April, 2014

Dates for sessions are as follows:

     April 10 Dothan         April 22 Huntsville         April 23 Birmingham

     April 24 Tuscaloosa   April 29 Mobile              April 30 Montgomery


“Stress Management & Coping with Life’s Challenges” - June, 2014

(Specific dates will be distributed in May, 2014)


Details of the seminars are sent to participating agencies in the month prior to the training dates. The number of participants for each session will be limited to the number of slots available at each training location.


Participation is encouraged for all employees in state agencies.  For questions regarding EAP seminars, please contact the State EAP Director, Mr. Sam Boswell at (334)223-6153 or by email at   Registrations should be submitted to Mr. Boswell by email.