Equipment Maintenance Program (EMP)

Program Summary

What Is It?

Remi was selected as the provider and administrator of the State's equipment maintenance program (EMP) effective December 1, 2005 and partnered with the State in delivering a long-term equipment maintenance management program. With the statewide EMP program, all government agencies and departments can consolidate multiple service agreements and extended warranties with one agreement that costs less and is more flexible than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Independent Service Organization (ISO) contract.


The benefits of the EMP include the following:

  • Savings. Up to 30% annual savings on vendor service contracts.
  • Vendor Neutral. You may select your preferred vendor, but sometimes Remi relies on its extensive vendor network to ensure the right vendor for the service is being utilized.
  • One Agreement. Consolidate multiple contracts into one agreement which allows Remi to manage maintenance of multiple equipment types with the flexibility to customize coverage.

Remi works closely with all state agencies to oversee the current equipment portfolio, expand the EMP and corresponding statewide hard dollar savings, supply effective data management tools, and provide recommendations based on the state’s historical maintenance records.

How It Works

In essence, very little will change in how the state agencies handle day-to-day operations and equipment maintenance.

  1. When equipment fails or requires preventative maintenance, contact your preferred service provider OR the Remi Service Center to assist with setting up the service with the vendor.
  2. Upon vendor request, provide your purchase order number (TRG1021). Once the work is complete, collect a completed service report/ticket (FSR) and forward it to Remi.
  3. Invoices and FSR’s must be submitted to Remi within 120 days from the date of service via email, mail or fax.
  4. Email:
    To Mail: The State of Alabama EMP
    P.O. Box 4389
    Montgomery, AL 36103
    To Fax: (866) 497-9397

  5. Remi will handle reimbursing the service provider directly for work performed on covered equipment.
  6. If a service event is expected to exceed $7,500 you must notify Remi prior to service being completed by calling the engineering department at (877) 275-7364.

EMP Key Staff

To request a quote, add/remove equipment or, any additional questions, contact:

Remi Dedicated Program Manager
Nancy Carter
Direct: (334) 353-8751
Cell: (334) 799-1802
Fax: (866) 497-9397